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In "Legend of the Mystic Knights" includes many creatures from medieval mythology.  The following is a list of some of the creatures featured in my novel.

The Revenant- In Medieval times it was believed that corpses could come back to life and terrorize the living. The Revenant was viewed as rotting corpses that resemble today’s perception of a zombie, which is prevalent in our popular culture.

TAZLEWURM- Having my novel, Legend of the Mystic Knights, set in Switzerland; I wanted to include a creature that is native to that area.  The tazlewurm is a creature which inhabits the Swiss Alps.  This creature goes by several other names, including Springwurm and the Alps Dragon.

Description from sighting of this creature varies.  Most describe it as having a snake like body, with two front legs and a head shaped similar to that of a cat.  The size ranges from 2-6 feet long.

Some legends of the alpine area indicate that this creature may have a venomous bite or even exhale a gas which is poisonous.

LINDWORM- In Norse mythology, a lindworm could stand for any type of serpent.  In most dragonology a lindworm is a dragon with one set of limbs, it could winged or wingless. The male of the species has wattles which hang down from its lower jaw. The dragon is noted for its incredible sense of smell and its ability to run at an incredible speed.  A full grown lindworm could be around 8-10 feet tall.

Another name for this creature is a pestilence dragon.  This is because it was associated with digging up and then devouring corpses from cemeteries.  These exposed corpses would then cause decease in the local communities.

I imagined the Lindworm in my story similar as a  Tyrannosaurus Rex (except much smaller and without the front legs. Being similar to ta T-Rex would allow it to meet many of the criteria of a lindworm, mostly its ability to run a fast speeds and its reputation as a pestilence dragon.

AMPHIIPTERE DRAGON- A fierce dragon that has a serpentine body, and bright colorful feathered wings.  The amphiptere’s major weapon is a sharp tongue, which can pierce the flesh and inject fatal venom into its prey.

In 1699 it was documented that an amphiptere dragon flew over the village of Henman in Essex, England.  This was well documented at the time; the monster was so famous that even today there are many statues and dragon motifs around Henman.

DEMON FLY- Unlike many of the creatures in my novel, I created this one myself.

A Demon Fly is three inches long with two sets of translucent wings with six pairs of thick legs; the front legs have large pinchers which it uses to grab and hold onto its victim.  It has three eyes which give it great vision at night. It has a large needle like stinger which injects venom.  The creature’s venom can decompose the skin and muscle; multiple bites will remove flesh down to the bone within seconds.

WALDMANNELEIN or Wood Wife: A wood spirit that takes the shape of a beautiful woman.  Using her beauty, she lures men into the deep forests. In legend, the wood wife can be either benevolent or malicious.

In my novel, the waldmannlein captures a knight using vines and limbs. Once he is captured, she changes her appearance; her once a beautiful face now resembles pure evil, he hair now becomes twisted like twigs.